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Photo Competition 2017

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Rusthall fete 2017

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Litter picking team

The RVA's litter picking campaign
began on Saturday 22nd April with a clearup around the Toad Rock area that netted 24 bags of rubbish. This was followed by a social and buffet in the pub to the musical accompaniment of a trio from local (occasional) band the Toad Rockers. Great fun was had by all!

Daniel Peters flying his drone in Bull's Hollow

Calendar photo

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Competition Flyer

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Photo Collage
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St George's Day
St George's Day 2015

Rusthall Bonfire
Rusthall Bonfire 2013

Rusthall Rocks at Jockey Farm
Rusthall Rocks 2013

Village Fete
Village Fete 2013

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Rusthall Community & Youth Project

Rusthall - Great War Remembered

Library pictorials.

Great War

Battle Scene

Youth research into trench construction helped to plan the layout for the battle scene pictorial. It is illustrative and for the most part accurate, given that spray paint was used to paint the scene.

The revetting (planking) is, as would have been fitted in good construction trenches. Sand bags illustrate the strength and blast resistance, as they were laid, two long, with three short above, keying into each other. The ‘firestep’ at the end of the trench would have allowed for observation and evacuation.

Great War

Commemorative Scene

Youth were aiming to show a sense of peace and tranquillity reflected in the headstones, poppies and flowing green fields.

Research identifying commemorative British, French and German sites, provided youth with a view to making laminated templates.

White crosses are representative of French grave markers, as identified at Verdun,Ossuary Cemetery.

The black crosses, are German grave markers, at Fricourt, just south of Albert. We passed by the site in August, 2011 but regretfully had only time to visit sites where Rusthall servicemen were commemorated. A return visit, planned for 2015, will include a stop at the cemetery.

The centre tableau of headstones and cross are from a photograph taken on our visit in August, 2011 with youth and is representative of Tannay British Cemetery, Thiennes, located midway between Ypres and Armentieres.

Commemorated at Tannay, from Rusthall, we have Private John Jenner, 1st Battalion QORWKR, a resident of 3, St.Paul’s Street (next to the dry cleaners)

The concept

Pencilling out the features, both youth groups worked at painting the scenes. Quite a hard concept for them, as having first painted, their pencilled scene disappeared. (taking a picture works – but no picture stimulates the imagination!) Stencilled laminates and masking sheets allowed for fore ground filling in.

We invite residents to just pause and consider what they see and what it represents.