Rusthall Village Association
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The Rusthall Village Association AGM is on Wednesday 15th May and we will be voting in our new committee. Please see below a list or roles and a brief description for each. If you are interested in standing for any of these roles please email with a brief note about yourself and why you would like to come onto the committee.

RVA members are eligible to vote at the AGM. Annual membership for the RVA is £3

Chair Job Description – RVA

The main duties of the Chair of the RVA is to Chair (lead) both the public and closed committee meetings. They should ensuring clear communication and discussion and adhere to the set agenda. The Chair is able to set the pitch and tone of meetings. They should guide the RVA in its main aims and objectives of being a local community forum that allows discussion on village events, issues, concerns and activities and enabling the community to socialise and take an active interest in the Village in a safe, friendly and engaging way. The Chair should ensure that the RVA keeps to its format as a non-political and non-religious organisation. The Chair has overall responsibility for ensuring that the committee is run in a fully transparent, legal and compliant manner and should be ready to address any issues that may arise. The Chair should have strong communication skills and be confident speaking in public. They should diplomatic and sensitive and aware to others needs and concerns both on the committee and in the community.

We currently have one person interested in this role.

Vice Chair Job Description – RVA

The main duties of the Vice Chair of the RVA are to act as a support to the Chair and to step in to take meetings in the event the Chair is unable to attend.

We currently have one person interested in this role.

Membership Secretary Job Description – RVA (New role)

The membership secretary should maintain an up to date email distribution list of all RVA members. They will check membership and collect fees accordingly at all meetings (yearly membership fees and visitor fees). They will send out agendas to distribution list for RVA open meetings (prepared by Secretary) and send out any extra relevant information to the email distribution list. They should be the point of contact for litter picking events etc, and send out dates to interested parties. The Membership Secretary should be the only committee member with access to the membership data base and ensure the RVA’s data protection rules are in place and kept up to date.

We currently have one person interested in this role.

Secretary job description - RVA

The secretary will arrange speakers for RVA open meetings and write the agenda for RVA open meetings and committee meetings. They will be able to advertise RVA open meetings on posters, Nextdoor Rusthall, Courier newspaper and Rusthall Life etc. They need to take minutes at RVA open meetings and committee meetings. The Secretary will thank speakers by email after meetings.

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Treasurer Job Description

The main duties of the treasurer are to oversee the financial administration of the RVA, review procedures and financial reporting, advise the committee on financial situation and fundraising. The treasurer needs to keep up to date records and audit trail for all transactions. Protect against fraud and theft including safe custody of money and prompt banking. Make sure the committee understand the financial state at all times.

Eg, do the banking, depositing cash and cheques, paying the bills and tracking income and expenditure throughout the year. You need to be on top of the finances so the RVA knows its position and how to respond to any problems.

We currently have one person interested in this role.

Website Editor Job Description

The Website Editor maintains and updates the RVA website with coming events, links to local organisations, photo archives etc. Some basic knowledge of web design is needed.

They also gather and collate entries for the annual Photographic Competition.

We currently have one person interested in this role.

General Job Description

As a general committee member you should be able to come along to the closed committee meetings (one held, normally, between open meetings at a time, date and location convenient and accessible for the committee as a whole) and ideally the open committee meetings (held on the 3rd Wednesday of every other month: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov). Ideally you will be able to bring new ideas and discuss ideas and items that effect the village and help to ensure the RVA is keeping up to date and relevant for the community. You may have ideas for speakers, activities/events. As a general committee member you should be happy to help out with activities and events when and where you are able and to be an active contributor.

There are 2 vacant spaces for this role